Mexico City with less than $10 a day

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I love MEXICO CITY. I enjoy everything about this city. I think the city’s reputation for being “dangerous” is long gone, in my opinion, the city is not dangerous at all. Like many other cities make sure to watch out for shady areas and keep your phone and wallet close to you.

CDMX is a lot like Los Angeles + San Francisco minus the movie stars and techies. Mexico is a cheap city with delicious food and inexpensive drinks. Streets are easy to navigate and Google Maps works out here too.

Four things you need to know

1. Uber X is approx $2-5: within a 20-minute radius, you can get anywhere around Mexico City with less than $5.
2. A regular meal with chicken, rice, beans, and salad is approx $3-7: get the mole chicken you guys, Mexico doesn’t mess around when it comes to mole. Additionally, tamales and street tacos are only $0.80
3. Drinks are approx $1-4: beers, cocktails, and mezcal shots. Keep it coming.
4. Souvenirs (can get pricey especially if you go to a tourist trap) approx $2-20: make sure to splurge on the Mexican chocolates and a picture of Frida Kahlo.

There you have it. Hope you can enjoy inexpensive lovely Mexico. Adios my friends!

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