Jess Hearts Lisboa

By far one of my favorite cities! Lisbon is a lot like San Francisco. This charming city is filled with castles to cobbled alleyways surrounded by tiny merchants, coffee shops, and pastel de nata bakeries. The backdrop was an orange bridge (twinning with the Golden Gate Bridge). I love LISBON.

Lisbon is tucked away in the hillsides overlooking Rio Tejo towards the southeast of the Tagus river. You can feel the breeze from the coast with intermingle smells of seafood and bakeries in the far distance. This city is easy to get around and really cheap too. In the morning you can go for a walk by the coast and explore hidden cobbled alleyways or jump on the 28 trams and visit local neighborhoods – with less than 6 euros you can get two pastel de natas, coffee, and a side of soup. Amazing deal.

Where to Stay

I stayed at Travellers House across from Comércio Plaza. The hostel was known as a “social” hostel and they held social events every day from bar hopping to listening to jazz in a local theatre. I skipped most of the social events and went exploring by myself. And let me tell you its much more fun to get lost by yourself in this charming city.

What to Eat

Table for 1 – I had the best Piri Piri chicken at Bonjardim! The chicken was infused with seasoned herbs with just enough salt and pepper and chili to finish off with. What I loved about the chicken was that the meat melted off its bone. It was tender and crispy and in all honesty, I wanted more. I had a side of fries and seasonal vegetables. I finished it off with a red wine from Porto’s vineyards.

Green Wine

Yes, this is a thing out here and the green wine aka Vinho Verde was so amazing. Think about a chardonnay but less sweet and lighter. The green wine was easy to drink and it paired wonderfully with pastel de natas or grilled butterfish. So good, I bought a bottle back with me to the states.

Where to Visit

I spent the day with drinking sangria and exploring Torre de Belem – it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site listed as a fortress during the Age of Discoveries. You’ll need to breathe in to climb the narrow spiral staircase to the tower, which you can see sublime views over Belém and the river. I went shopping in the Alfama neighborhood and visited many farmers markets – and had the best chocolate cake there too. I spend the last day in Sintra and followed signs that say “morteros” (views) and drank tons of coffee. Sintra was filled with pastel-hued manors folded into luxuriant hills that roll down to the blue Atlantic. It was dreamy just being there. I felt whisked away and enchanted. I left a piece of my heart in Sintra.

I love you Lisboa

Lisboa is a great inexpensive city which carries much pride in its seafood and famous architectures. I highly recommend visiting this place and getting lost in it – you won’t regret it.

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